Palermo Mare Holidays | St. Cosma and Damiano’s feast in Sferracavallo – Palermo

St. Cosma and Damiano's feast in Sferracavallo The ballad of the saints and the fireworks Every year, in the last week of September, the Feast of Saints Cosma and Damiano takes place in Sferracavallo. In addition to the sea and to the delicious food, you can enjoy the famous `”ballad of the saints” and theRead More

The Capo Gallo Marine Nature Reserve: between the sea, coves, beaches, jogging, trekking, biking and trails

Visit to the Capo Gallo Marine Nature Reserve, Sferracavallo The sensation that one gets when visiting this enchanted place is that of being in the heart of the Mediterranean. To visit the Reserve you can use the entrance from the Barcarello seafront in Sferracavallo (5 minutes from Palermo Mare Holidays). The first typical aspect ofRead More