Palermo Mare Holidays organizes the Barter Week every year!

Do you want to exchange an object or a service in exchange for a holiday in Palermo? The tourist facility “Palermo Mare Holidays” offers the Barter service in certain periods of the year – you could, therefore, stay there for free, exchanging hospitality for goods or services, without using money.

If you want to get some idea of what you can barter, in recent years Palermo Mare Holidays has bartered: a motorbike, a Wilier bicycle, a playstation, an author’s painting, a wall painting and masonry service, etc.

When imagination and creativity are used as bargaining chips, it is easy to get to know our city of Palermo, its historical and natural beauties and its sea. We are located near the most beautiful beaches of Palermo, such as Mondello, Sferracavallo and Capaci. In the area you will have everything at your disposal: public transport, restaurants, supermarkets, pubs and much more.

The possibilities for sharing and exchanging are endless! The important thing is: do not limit your imagination. Don’t be embarrassed and try to suggest your barter with the utmost seriousness, courtesy, curiosity, empathy, sympathy, originality.

Palermo Mare Holidays awaits you for the Barter period!

The periods in which barter can be made are in the following months: from October to March of every year. Periods that can be exchanged: from one week to one month of stay (for longer periods, utility bills are not included).

What are you waiting for? Fill out the form and offer a good or service for the holiday period that you prefer! We will get back to you within 24 hours.

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