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 Sferracavallo beach

Sferracavallo beach, between Baia del Corallo and the Barcarello seafront, is a point of reference for sea lovers in Palermo, and for those who like water sports (sailing club). Sferracavallo beach houses a bathing establishment equipped with a kiosk-bar with a beautiful terrace overlooking the sea. The beach is located in one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Sicily, that can be easily reached from PalermJo. It is also located near the Capo Gallo Nature Reserve (open to the public and free). Sferracavallo is part of the Area Marina di Capo Gallo and Isola delle Femmine and is located right between these two. Near its beach, you will find numerous typical Sicilian ice cream parlors, beachfront kiosks (street food) and famous restaurants with local fish-based menus.

Marine Natural Reserve of Capo Gallo

The Capo Gallo Reserve geographically closes the seaside resort of Sferracavallo and constitutes its most precious part. It can be reached on foot or by bicycle and it is characterized by wonderful seabeds where the water is clear. It is a place away from the chaos of the beaches and ideal for those who want to enjoy the Sicilian sea and just relax. Access is easy and free and certainly the best side of the Reserve is the part of Sferracavallo, as it is full of coves and beaches (also sandy beaches). Following the path to the end of the Reserve you will find yourself in an uncontaminated place where you will notice a smooth platform, the so-called “Fossa del Gallo” (meeting place for bathers and snorkelers), from which it is possible to reach the beautiful Grotta dell’Olio by swimming or canoeing.


Reachable in 5 min. from Palermo Mare Holidays, Mondello beach is close to the small fishing port and it hosts various bathing establishments offering umbrellas, sunbeds and cabins. At sunset, you can find numerous pubs for aperitifs by the sea. During summertime it is a very crowded destination and suitable, therefore, for those who are used to the confusion on the beach. Mondello also offers a charming historic centre, with fascinating architecture. The sand of Mondello is white and the sea is very clear. From the facility you can easily arrive by bicycle or by public transporte.

Isola delle femmine/Capaci

Reachable in 5 min. from Palermo Mare Holidays, Capaci beach is a long golden, sandy beach with shallow waters, ideal for family holidays, but not only. It represents one of the longest beaches near Palermo. Palermo Mare Holidays is located in a position that allows you to easily reach it from the seaside resort of Isola delle Femme. This destination is chosen by tourists and Sicilians above all for its size and for the numerous bathing establishments. There is no shortage of free open areas where you can sunbathe and enjoy the Sicilian sea. In the evening, the seafront is a continuous bustle of people, while the lidos disguise themselves as discos under the stars.


spiaggia cefalù e palermo


Reachable in 50 min. from Palermo Mare Holidays, Cefalù beach is within a famous town embellished by a priceless historic center. Cefalù is part of the Madonie Park, a nature reserve that covers part of its territory and includes other small towns such as Petralia, Polizzi Generosa, Soprana, Sottana and Gangi. Most of the beaches of Cefalù have bathing establishments where you can rent beach equipment and enjoy the sea in complete relaxation. Many stretches of coast are also equipped with a large service area to welcome children, so they can have fun in complete safety.

balestrate palermo


Reachable in 30 min. from Palermo Mare Holidays, Balestrate beach rises on the Gulf of Castellammare. These coast lines, which extend up to Castellammare del Golfo, offer important ports where you can rent motor boats to visit the neighboring areas including the Zingaro Nature Reserve. Although in the summer period most of the beaches of Balestrate are organized in lidos where umbrellas and sunbeds can be hired, a large part of the coast is free, and anyone can leave his towel among the sand dunes to jump into the inviting blue waters

terrasini palermo spiaggia


Reachable in 20 min. from Palermo Mare Holidays, Terrasini beach is located a few kilometers from Cinisi. This stretch of coast offers crystal clear waters and rocky landscapes that are simply irresistible. You will be entranced by the beauty of the reddish stones that dominate the area, silent and imposing. Bring your camera, it’s worth it! Visit Cala Rossa, that can be reached only after a short climb – it is not suitable for children. Diving here is very good, but recommended only for real experts. The seabed is insidious but worth it because it also has small stretches of beach.

santa flavia spiaggia palermo

Santa Flavia

Reachable in 30 min. from Palermo Mare Holidays, Santa Flavia beach offers a spectacular rocky beach that plunges into a crystal clear sea of incomparable beauty. Santa Flavia beach is considered one of the treasures of Sicily, and it is no coincidence: many ships dock here to allow tourists to fully enjoy a small paradise on earth. In addition to the transparent waters where diving is a pleasure, come to spend a relaxing day under the umbrella. And when you’re hungry, all you have to do is go to one of the many local restaurants, where you can savor true Sicilian cuisine in all its splendour.


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Diving lovers choose Palermo for the beauty and richness of its seabed. Trust one of the numerous diving centers on the island to experience the depths of the sea in complete safety. If you are one of our customers, please contact us for more information by sending an email to palermomare@live.it and book your dives!.it and book your dives!


Unforgettable summer excursions with one of the many boats of the ‘Barcaroli’, who organize periodic stops for swimming in the most beautiful places and lunch directly on board. Excursions are organized only for Palermo Mare Holidays customers. If interested, send us an email to palermomare@live.it

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